Traveling lightweight to Bali

I'm very excited to share my first "real" travel photography, starring the amazing island of Indonesia, Bali.

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Fuji X-E1, 14mm, f/ 2.8, 1 / 1600, ISO 200

Fuji X-E1, 14mm, f/ 2.8, 1 / 1600, ISO 200

First a little backstory.

When I traveled in the past, I always ended up with great memories and maybe a few good lucky pictures. But I wanted to change that, I wanted to take some control of my photography and bring home those pictures that make myself go "wow".

Last year I bought a nice big DSLR camera to get that quality I wanted. 
Still, my experience was mixed. Yes I got better image quality, It was fast, it was smart and it could shoot 8 photos a second. 
But when traveling, the weight was straining after a day of walking around with it.
Also my girlfriend does not think it's very romantic to go out to dinner and having me drop that camera on the table. *THUNK!*
And ever tried aiming a big camera at people? It calls attention, making it difficult to get that natural shot.

My photos were still horrible. So I needed more lenses right? That would solve it…. nope… maybe another zoom lens… wrong again. Apparently a better camera does not give you better pictures, who knew!

Ironically, I was having way more fun making photos before I started getting into this whole photography thing.
Then I realized that all the famous photographs have been made with cameras much older, dumber and slower than the one I had in my hands.
I wanted to take the path of photography and not gear. An expensive tennis racket does not make you a great tennis player.  

Fuji X-E1, 35mm, f / 4.0,  1 / 320, ISO 200

Fuji X-E1, 35mm, f / 4.0,  1 / 320, ISO 200

So I stumbled upon the small, simple Fuji X100 and I was in love straight away. Yes it was a slow, difficult and frustrating camera to use and I could not zoom. But because of that, it brought me back to the core 'feeling' of photography. When I made a photo I liked, it was all because of me, and not some automatic machine. The frustrating part was me learning photography, slowly that feeling went away.
Combined with the great colours that Fuji is known for, I had the images I wanted.

To me, thinking you need a big DSLR to make great photos is a misconception. For amateur photography, I would only consider one for fast action, such as sports or when you need to create large size prints.
I swapped my DSLR gear for a Fuji X-E1 and have been happy ever since. 

After many photography books and some experience later, I now finally felt prepared to take those great images I wanted on a trip. No better place I could think of other than Bali, Indonesia. For the first time I'm really happy about the photos I brought home.

I added a travel section and hope you'll check out and enjoy the photos! 

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